Which Is The Best Online Quiz Maker - Thrive Quiz Builder Or Interact?

create an online quiz Apr 03, 2020

Why online quizzes?

Adding a quiz to your website is a smart marketing move.

This is because online quizzes are interactive and respond to the user’s input in a way which allows them to learn more about themselves or compare themselves to their peers.

They’re also fun and easy to participate in. Remember magazine quizzes where you had to add up your score yourself? Online quizzes allow the user to click on the answers and instantly receive personalized results.

Online quizzes allow businesses to collect email addresses from potential customers. Most people won’t buy from your website the first time they visit so if you get their email address you have a way of keeping in touch with them. Online quizzes are much more effective than just asking people to sign up to your newsletter (who wants more emails in their inbox?).

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Which is the best online quiz maker to use?

I’ve tried two...

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5 Reasons Why Quizzes Outperform Other Lead Magnets

create an online quiz Jan 21, 2020

I mean, how much time have you spent finding out which Ryan Gosling movie character is your soulmate?

If you want to claim your own Ryan Gosling, you can take that quiz here.

Which Harry Potter house would you belong to?

Which Friends character you’re most like?

Whatever your jam, there’s a quiz for you. 

The most viral quizzes are based on personas and archetypes (Which Disney Princess Are You?) or the ever-popular quasi-scientific personality tests.

But there’s also quizzes with titles like, how much do you really know about…? Perfect for know-it-alls, right?

Even before the internet, women were doing Cosmopolitan quizzes to find out their sex IQ or if they should get back with their ex. 

OK, so we know quizzes are responsible for sucking up much of society’s productive time, but how can they...

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