Which Is The Best Online Quiz Maker - Thrive Quiz Builder Or Interact?

create an online quiz Apr 03, 2020

Why online quizzes?

Adding a quiz to your website is a smart marketing move.

This is because online quizzes are interactive and respond to the user’s input in a way which allows them to learn more about themselves or compare themselves to their peers.

They’re also fun and easy to participate in. Remember magazine quizzes where you had to add up your score yourself? Online quizzes allow the user to click on the answers and instantly receive personalized results.

Online quizzes allow businesses to collect email addresses from potential customers. Most people won’t buy from your website the first time they visit so if you get their email address you have a way of keeping in touch with them. Online quizzes are much more effective than just asking people to sign up to your newsletter (who wants more emails in their inbox?).

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Which is the best online quiz maker to use?

I’ve tried two very popular apps, Thrive Quiz Builder and Interact, and here’s my rundown on the pros and cons of each.


Interact’s lowest paid plan is $17 / month (this is for their Lite plan paid annually). This works out to $204 / year. They do run specials several times a year so you can get around 25-30% off if you purchase at the right time. Interact also has a free plan so if you never want to collect email addresses with your quiz, you can stay on the free plan forever.

The cheapest way to purchase Thrive Quiz Builder is to pay a one-off price of $67. They also do a bundle deal for their entire software suite as a subscription, but if you just want the quiz function, you can just buy that.

Verdict:  Thrive Quiz Builder is a much more affordable option. Interact’s free plan is great if you don’t want to collect email opt-ins with your quiz, but most people do.


 Thrive Quiz Builder is a WordPress plug-in so it’s only compatible with WordPress. Interact functions as a WordPress plug-in but it’s also compatible with other platforms including SquareSpace, Kajabi, Kartra and Wix.

Verdict: You can only use Thrive Quiz Builder with WordPress but you can use Interact with any platform.


I find Interact fun and easy to use, whereas I found Thrive Quiz Builder difficult, even after watching their how-to videos. If you are accustomed to working with WordPress plug-ins or with any of the software from Thrive’s suite, you may have an easier time.

Verdict: Interact is easier to use.


Both Thrive Quiz Builder and Interact allow you to use your own images in your questions, answers and results. However Interact integrates with both Unsplash and Giphy, meaning that you can easily search for and drop images and gifs in without having to resize them. I love using gifs in a quiz because it makes them more fun and allows you to tap into the power of viral memes.

Verdict: Interact is a better option for using images.


Thrive Quiz Builder is more affordable if you have a WordPress website and are on a strict budget, but in all other aspects I prefer Interact. Try out their free plan for yourself here



**Links to Interact in this blog post are affiliate links, which means that I may earn a commission if you purchase their software. For people who thinks that makes this review biased, please note that Thrive also offers an affiliate program. I’m not in Thrive’s affiliate program because I don’t love using their products. Having said that, there are people who love Thrive's products - they're just not to my preference.


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