What Is Content Marketing?

marketing Jan 12, 2020

You swipe right on someone cute. They swipe right too, and you agree to go out for coffee. Everything’s good until, halfway through your latte, your date proposes. 

Beyond inappropriate, right? 

Marketing is a lot like dating. 

You want to develop a good relationship with your prospective customer without forcing them to commit too early. Because if people have to commit to an answer too early, it’s more likely that the answer is going to be no.


If you’re looking to get more organic (AKA free!) traffic to your website, have you thought about creating a quiz?

Quizzes are an incredible way to get potential customers onto your email list so you can form a relationship with them and turn them into actual paying customers.

Want to create your own quiz? Download your step-by-step guide here.

Together we’ll transform your website into a lead-gathering machine.



And this is where content marketing comes in. 

Rather than...

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How To Find Clients That You Absolutely Love

ideal clients Nov 11, 2019

Clients that make you excited to jump out of bed in the morning and get started are commonly called ideal clients or customers.

I call them soulmate clients because a huge part of doing the work you were meant to do (living your purpose) is about finding the people you were meant to work with.  

Let's be honest. Sometimes we take on clients who are pains in the butt simply because they're willing to pay. 

But it comes back to bite us, right?

Clients who aren't a good fit don't just use our precious time, they drain the energy that we could be using for the people we are meant to serve.

They take us away from the work that energizes and inspires. They prevent us from working in our zone of genius.


Think you're ready for your soulmate clients?
I developed a one-minute quiz on this very topic. Take it below.


About me…

Hey, I’m Your Quiz Queen + Storytelling Coach, Jo Ellis.

I help entrepreneurs create fun and...

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