Business Book Review: Chillpreneur by Denise Duffield-Thomas

business book review Sep 07, 2020

Denise Duffield-Thomas was a broke business coach. The roof of her car was sagging in and she was constantly worried about bills and complaints. 

Now she's a self-described lazy self-made millionaire who has helped thousands of women change their money mindset.

She lives a chilled-out beachy lifestyle on the east coast of Australia with her husband and three kids. 

Her book Chillpreneur is all about making money without hustling your butt off or living in constant fear of making mistakes. 

It's divided into four main parts (mindset, business models, money and marketing), and includes journalling exercises and scripts for awkward money conversations.

One chapter is all about Denise's two dumbest business mistakes. 

Three of my favorite takeaways from the book are: 

1.Being a perfectionist will cost you money.

2. You can profit for a long time through your skills and talents, but not if you kill the source of your creativity. 


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