4 Simple Steps To Slay Your Year

goal-setting Jan 12, 2020
I know. I know.
Every January we're bombarded with an overwhelming amount of messages about setting goals for the coming year. 

I don't want to add too much to that. 

Except to say that I've really simplified my goal-setting this year. I'm using a 4-step process and it all fits on one page.
You can download the worksheet here.

Step 1.
Write down all your goals for the year.

Step 2.
Choose a Push Goal (this concept is by Chalene Johnson). A Push Goal is the one big goal that would make all (or most) of the other goals possible. Most people's Push Goals are about money because money makes other things, like travel and spending more time with your family, possible.

Step 3.
List why your Push Goal is so important.

Step 4.
List out the things you can do to achieve your Push Goal. So if your Push Goal is about creating income, list all the things you can do to earn money.
That's it. I hope it helps you simplify and achieve your goals. 

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