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Which Type of Quiz Is Right For You?

What's so great about quizzes?

Quizzes are incredibly popular. The New York Times is known for journalism, but their most popular piece of content in 2014 wasn’t an in-depth article about some serious topic, it was… you guessed it - a quiz. 

The quiz asks Americans about which words they use and how they pronounce them. It then generates a personal dialect map showing which part/s of the U.S. the quiz-taker is likely to come from.

How do quizzes help with marketing?

Neil Patel says, "Using quizzes as a part of your marketing strategy is one of the most underrated types of content that every marketer should be trying.”

Quizzes build curiosity about your brand and are a fun way for you and your potential customer to get to know each other. Plus they convert amazingly well, helping you grow your email list fast!

If you're wondering...

  • How to stand out in a crowded marketplace
  • How to make sales without coming across as sleazy or salesy
  • How to create authentic relationships with the people you want to serve

..creating an online quiz is going to be the right move for you. But which type of quiz should you make? Click below to find out.  

Which Type of Quiz Is Right For You?

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